Kulturell afton på Uruguays ambassad den 5 juni 2012

Cultural evening at the Uruguayan Embassy. June 5, 2012

The International Club was invited by the Embassy of Uruguay to a cultural evening with a speech by Mrs Louise von Bergen, from the University of Stockholm. Mrs Louise von Bergen explained the primary purpose of studying the dialogue between the Scandinavian drama and the Uruguayan theatre. How drama from Scandinavia has been received in the Río de la Plata during the last hundred years and how it has been adapted and activated to be meaningful to the audience. It is not easy to make a meaningful translation of a Scandinavian expression like “isvak” (hole in the ice) for someone from another climate zone. Also how the Scandinavian drama atmosphere has been integrated within the Uruguayan theatre and society and how the play changes with that new dialogue. As this is the first study of Scandinavian plays in Uruguay, a secondary purpose is to document what has been put on stage: Fifty-three productions, ninety percent of which were plays by Henrik Ibsen and August Strindberg. The speech was very interesting and Louise von Bergen received great appreciation from The International Club.

Louise von Bergen also talked about Felisberto Hernández, a well-known author in Uruguay. He is one of the greatest yet least known Latin American short-story writers well worth reading. Some of his most famous stories are ”The Balcony,” My First Concert” and “Daisy Dolls”.

Mr Alejandro Garófali from the embassey, who has been a diplomatic officer serving the Uruguayan Ministry of Foreign Affairs for almost a decade, most recently in Washington now in Stockholm, was the prime inspirational source for us in the club when we planned this cultural evening.

Uruguay’s Ambassador in Sweden, Dr. Zulma Guelman-Radke welcomed us cordially and gave a brief description of what the embassy is doing in Sweden and she explained that she is the responsible person not only for Sweden but also for several other Scandinavian countries: Finland, Denmark, Iceland..

Christer Nottberg



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